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Smart Home Whitepaper

Can anyone predict the future? As this Parks Associates white paper details, you can—when it comes to connectivity and housing. That’s because MDU consumer demand for built-in smart solutions that are convenient, green, and secure is skyrocketing.

Packed with actionable insights on benefits, deployment strategies, and reasons to invest in IoT, it’s a great resource.

(Whitepaper PDF: 14 pages, 8 MB)

At home with smart tech

Smart home technology has been transforming how people live, whether in single-family houses, apartments or condos. This in-depth infographic illustrates key results from our survey of American consumers on how they feel about smart home tech. The generational differences are just one fascinating find.

(Infographic PDF: 1 page, 748 KB)

Ready for “future-ready”?

For residents of multi-dwelling units like apartments, condos, and dorms, a robust network is the foundation for modern living. This insight-filled paper by Parks Associates is a great read for property managers and developers who can benefit from the next-generation connectivity Cox offers for smart MDU living today.

(Whitepaper PDF: 15 pages, 6 MB)

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